“The Game of Life”

Life-it not about the wins and losses, nor struggles along the way.

It’s Christ living in you; it’s how the game is played.

It’s about my relationship with Him, in the end,

He’s my All, my Everything, my Teacher, my Friend.

He’s my saviour, my Father, and mostly my Coach.

He guides me, protects me and is never reproached.


He draws me closer and closer, gently leading the way,

Teaching and directing me how to play.

He gives me the playbook each and every day,

If I simply get down on my knees and pray.

It’s how we respond to life’s ebbs and flows,

It’s how others witness our ultimate lows.

We must remember spectators are watching the game,

When it’s all over, “will we have struggled for fame”?


The question I’ll ask, “Will you see Jesus in us”?

Will they want to know more, and learn how to trust?

Will others see a difference in how we ‘played the game’?

Will we give God the Glory and all of the fame?

I’ve learned far more from losses,

Than any win attained,

It’s during the crossroads, dead-ends, and pitfalls

Where everything is gained.

Character is built, integrity is earned,

Nothing could replace all that I’ve learned.

Put me in coach, I’m ready to play

All by the rules, of Your Book today.


Lisa S Satcher 03- 99 (copyright)