God’s Choice


Count our blessings and praise the Lord

For all that we have and all that we hoard

He gives us abundance, to fill our need,

How many apples come from one seed?


He has provided us with precious Earth

To sustain all life, and promote all birth.

He teaches us ways, so all can be feed,

To open our heart, and care with our head.


But there are many, governed by greed.

They plunder resources for profit not need.

Without any regard for the harm it can cause,

Destroying the nature, and breaking the laws.


God gives us freedom, to choose our way

To either turn to Him, or to stray away.

To learn from the teacher, and live a good life,

Or learn on your own, and come into strife.


He provides us scripture, verses and psalms

Sermons and preaching, to keep us from harm

To guide us through life, our experience of earth

Till the time we depart, for our rebirth.


This freedom of choice, comes at a price

To reject God’s will, or take His advice

For in the end, only time will tell,

Whether we live with God or end up in Hell

Bill Hoenveldt


For God says ………

“The right time is now. Today is the day of salvation”     

2 Corinthians 6:2