Is there any heart discouraged as it journeys on its way?

Does there seem to be more darkness than there is of sunny day

Oh, it’s hard to learn the lesson, as we pass beneath the rod,

That the sunshine and the shadow serve alike the will of God.

But there comes a word of promise like the promise in a bow-

That however deep the waters they shall never overflow.

When the flesh is worn and weary, and the spirit is depressed,

And temptations sweep upon it like a storm on oceans breast.

There’s a haven ever open for the tempest-driven bird;

There’s a shelter for the tempted in the promise of His word;

For the standard of the spirit shall be raised against the foe,

And however deep the waters they shall never overflow.


When sorrow comes upon you that no other soul can share,

And the burden seems too heavy for the human heart to bear

There is one whose grace can comfort, if you’ll give Him an abode;

There’s a burden-bearer ready if you’ll trust Him with your load;

For the precious promise reaches to the depth of human woe,

That however deep the waters, they shall never overflow.

When the sands of life are ebbing and I know that death is near;

When I’m passing through the valley, and the way seems dark and drear……

…….I will reach my hand to Jesus, in His bosom I shall hide

And ‘twill only be a moment till I reach the other side;

It is then the fullest meaning of the promise I shall know

“When you pass through the waters, they shall never overflow”


“Fear not for I have redeemed you, I have summoned you by name; you are mine when you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers they will not sweep over you, …….for I am the Lord God, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Saviour.”

ISAIAH 43:1-3