WORDS…..at Christmas


Rumours of angels, Visions of light,

New star appearing, piercing the night,

Town full of strangers sleeps in the gloom,

God comes among us; there is no room.

Rumours of angels, songs in the night,

Deep in the danger, unquenchable light,

World full of strangers, sleeps in the gloom.

God comes among us, there is no room.

Hearts full of longing, eyes filled with tears,

Nations are waiting, at the end of the years.

Empires are falling, judgements appear.

God comes among us; His kingdom is near.

                                                    Graham Kendrick

“The word became a human being and made His home among us.

    He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness and we have seen

His glory, the Glory of  the Father’s one and only.”

                                                                              John 1:14