Words of Comfort


How hollow are my hopes and dreams

How shallow my desires

Constructed of mere nothingness

Yet claiming lofty spires.

When buffeted by winds of time

What little worth they hold

Then skilful Artist sets to work

Bright promises unfold.

The Artists hand carves wonders from

The smallness I had made

From hollowness He shapes and forms

Endurance that won’t fade.

He builds a strength and beauty that

Was never there before

And paints new hope within the heart

Long hardened to its core.

With love He cuts and carves away

The shallowness set by

Assigns my heart His ownership

And sets my wings to fly.

Much higher than I ever thought

Was possible to rise

Result of His grand work–

— A self I scarcely recognise!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Toni Umberzer