Radio Outreach Information

Radio Outreach began in 1968 to broadcast the Good News of Salvation through Christ’s death on the Cross.

Since then the voice of Radio Outreach has been transmitted from nearly 20 different commercial radio stations, including Radio Luxembourg. For over 21 years we broadcast weekly on Radio Manx. We now use internet radio, together with some FM & SW stations.

Radio Outreach is dependent on the fellowship and prayers of God’s people. The enterprise was born in prayer, continues in prayer and we ask for your prayers for the future. Radio Outreach is a ‘faith venture’ and no financial appeals have ever been made. All gifts received are used entirely for production costs and the purchasing of ‘air-time’.

This website provides information and active links to the internet radio stations we use, with the days and times when our programmes can be heard.

You will also find the opportunity to hear last week’s 30 minute programme at any time and a 3 minute ‘thought-for-the-week’ message.

CD’s of previous programmes are available FOC. Click on the ‘Free CD’s’ link.

You can contact us to discuss in confidence, any problems you may wish to share. We have free booklets that we are very happy to send to those who request them.